#T10 - Reward Chart & Monthly Planner. Inculcate Good Habits & Motivate Kids.

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Kit Content Specifications

  • Two hard laminated mats (Size 31 cm by 45 cm)
  • One mat is for reward chart and the other mat is for monthly planner.
  • Two (red & blue color) marker/sketch pens
  • Four magnets
  • Usage guide.
  • One mat is for reward chart and the other mat is for monthly planner.
  • Packed in attractive gift bag with handle and reusable zip for reusable storage
Benefits and Learnings from the Kit
    • Colorful and attractive designs by child-behavior experts to motivate kids and inculcate good habits in them.
    Reward chart:

    Traditionally, Indian parents have resorted to punishment as the first tool to inculcate good habits in their kids. This is a negative practice.

    Therefore, most of the times, this method backfires. When you practice the punishment method, you actually force your kids rather than encourage them. This, at times, results in everyone losing their cool and often it worsens the situation.

    On the other hand, positive encouragement makes it a win-win situation for everyone. In this method, instead of pushing or punishing your kids for not doing something, you reward them for doing good things. You would agree that a positive encouragement is always better than punishment.

    The reward chart helps you practice this positive encouragement method in an organized and planned manner.

    Here are different phases while using the reward chart:

    • Plan good behavioral activities & rewards at the start of a week.
    • Track during the week and record the planned activities.
    • Reward the kids for completing good activities at the end of that week.
    • Teach to aspire and achieve something.


      • The planner helps kids in planning, tracking and getting organized on their own.
      • As kids fill up the planner at the start of a month, they understand the concepts of days, weeks, months, weekdays, weekends, holidays and calendar layout.

      Key Features of the Kit

      Reward Chart:

      • It can be used by one or two kids at home or two different teams in a school.
        Each child can have a separate set of tasks or goals. Distinguished by use of different color marker

      Monthly planner:

      • It helps kids understand and represent months, days, weeks and special events.
      • It can be used to inculcate good habits such as planning, getting organized and so on from early age.
      • It helps keep track of all the events, stay on schedule for assignments, submissions and so on.
      • It helps kids manage their to-do-lists, reminders, schedules and appointments.

      - Mats are durable, washable and write-on/wipe-off.

      - Use magnets to stick the mats on refrigerators or other iron surfaces.

      - Hang mats using the string and the two loop holes on the mat.

      Kit Is Useful For

      - Kids of all age groups starting age of 4 years can use the kit

      - Can be used by parents for kids at home, or by teacher for group of students at school

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