#T17 -Show Me Numbers (2 to 20) using Interlinking Cubes. Develop Early Sense of Numbers, Counting & Addition

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Many times young kids can pronounce say number from 1 to 10. But what is more important is to develop a sense of number, counting, addition and formation of number. They should feel the significance of number. This understanding will develop confidence and interest for future mathematics. 

This kit has various activities to show formation of given number in various possible ways.  A given number can be represented by using interlocking cubes of different color. For example a number 9 can be shown by joining 9 cubes of Orange color.  Or it can be shown by joining (addition) of 8 Orange and 1 Yellow Cube.  Or it can be shown by joining (addition) of 7 Orange and 2 Yellow Cube. 

Kids will enjoy identifying different ways of representing same number. Doing it with easy to pop up and join cubes will give them hands-on experience. 

This help kids to correlate numerals (symbols of numbers) with actual counting sense.  It happens in process of joining different cubes to represent a number and writing number addition statement in space below.

As kids get comfortable with numbers of up to 10. They can use cubes provided in kit to work up to numbers from 1 to 20.

One-to-one correspondence made Easy by writing additions statement using numerals and cubes representing same are put on above line.

Kit Content Specifications:

  • 4 Durable Mats for representing numbers from 0 to 9. Kids can write and wipe on that. Two dry erase marker
  • 10 cubes of Yellow or Green color
  • 10 cubes of Orange or Red color

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