#T27 - Flash Cards for Self Learning of Multiplication Tables from 2 to 19. Two Sets of 9 Flash Cards Each. With Key Chain Ring and Dry Erase Marker Pens. Read-Write-Wipe & Reuse.

Rs.200.00 Rs.300.00

  • Help kids have faster recall & memory of important skill for daily and academics maths. Improve confidence and speed of calculations.
  • .Two sets of 9 durable hard laminated flash cards each.  Printed on both sides with multiplication tables from 2 to 19.
  • One side has answers printed on it. Other side has blank space for answer to be filled by kids using marker/sketch pens provided with kit
  • Cards are ringed in key chain with hook. So that it can hooked to school bag or pant
  • Remembering multiplication tables is an essential skill that builds confidence of kids. Improve speed of calculations. Encourage Joyful and Meaningful Education.
  • Combining the practice of a write & wipe approach with the rote memorization of a traditional flash card will assure that children get as much help as possible with this important concept.
  • Read our blog on Memorization of Multiplication Tables

Our motto is to provide a way for Joyful and Meaningful Education!

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