Different Forms of Motor Making Kit. Do It Yourself. Learn Electromagnetism


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This kit has activities to make 3 different forms of simple DC motors. It fascinates curiosity young minds.
Kit consists of material required to perform these activities.

Download StepsToDo (Android App from Playstore) for additional illustration & theory behind activity. Link to app: http://goo.gl/dKKEdW

Kit contains:
1) Copper wire
2) 1.5 Volt Torch Battery
3) LEDs
4) Button Cell
5) Pins
6) Two Ring Magnets
7) Sand Paper
8) Strong Neodymium Magnet
9) Screw
10) Insulated wire
11) Cello Tape 12) 1.5 Volt Pencil (Dura) Battery 13) Iron Fillings 14) U clip pins

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