Number Sense for Class 1. Collection of Board Games & Activities. Maps to School & Olympiads Syllabus

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  • Collection of educational board games, playing card games and activities
  • Build solid foundation of concepts. Generate interest in study
  • Mapped to syllabus of class 1 Mathematics - Number Sense topic
  • Best way to prepare for school academics and Olympiads
  • Contains printed activity manual. Promotes joyful and meaningful education

Why is Number Sense Important? 
It builds confidence with numbers. It enables ability to perform mental math and use those numbers in real world situations. 

Who can use Kit:

  • Ideal for kids in class 1
  • Useful for kids in upper KG and class 2 too.
  • Use at Home: Playful educational family time with kids
  • Use at Tuitions: Distinguished teaching aid and methodology
  • Use in Schools: Increases attention span, interest by kids
  • Most of material in this kit is long lasting & reusable multiple times.

Key Learnings from Kit :

  • Concept of Zero
  • Single digit counting
  • Comparison of numbers
  • Before, After, Between
  • Forming group of TEN
  • Counting number of TENs and extra ONEs
  • Number composition
  • Fluency in counting objects up to 99
  • Writing number in words and in symbols
  • Significance of place in a two-digit number
  • Logical thinking

Content of Kit:

  • Laminated board: Read number train (Hindi & English).
  • Laminated board: Write & wipe numbers on number train.
  • Laminated board: Game of counting Tens and Extra.
  • Laminated board: Number tower & counting.
  • Laminated board: Game of place your lucky value.
  • Laminated board: Game of place value path.
  • Laminated board: Game of number sense path.
  • Set of 200 square shaped tiles of different colors
  • Set of 36 number compositions cards.
  • Set of 42 number sense playing cards.
  • Plastic Spinner Set showing 0 to 9.
  • Board game counters (3 units).
  • Dry erase marker pens (2 units).
  • Comprehensive usage instruction manual
  • Reusable zip lock bag with handle for easy storage.

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