Exploring Geometrical Shapes with Properties. Make, observe and perform activities of making 2d and 3d shapes . innovative math made easy series . educational gift . school project . mathematics learning


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A very useful manipulative to make, feel, compare and understand properties of various 2D and 3D shapes. Kit includes various puzzle and Game kind of activities. Understand the Concept of Edges, Vertices, Sides, Area, Volume. Shapes include Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Circle, Sphere, Cube, Cuboid, Various Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone, etc. This kit has comprehensive yet lucid and simple to understand activity manual to help students to understand concepts. Activities include making shapes, find edges, sides, vertices, convert one shape into another, find the area, volume, etc. Such activities will help students easily grasp various mathematical concepts and will ignite their interest in mathematics. This kit provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience. It instills wonder and fascination towards mathematics among young students. It helps in igniting interest in the subject and inculcates a scientific attitude. With this kit, students will be able to understand and apply shapes related theorem and properties in different situations. You may refer product and instructions/manual images for more details. As said by Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’.