Magnetic Iron Powder Filings – 150 gm. Includes Big Size (7 cm) Magnet. for Magnetic Field and Magnet Science Education and School Projects.

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  • [What's Included] Kit Includes 150 gm iron powder, one horseshoe magnet, one bar magnet, one disc magnet and one ring magnet. Magnet size is more than 7 cm. Instruction Manual included.
  • [Applications]Get a close-up look at the mystery of magnetism. Explore the basic concepts of magnetic fields, including poles and attraction. Using these iron filings, a magnet , and a sheet of paper, you can view patterns of force created by a magnetic field. It is suitable for magnet education and school projects to show your students and kids the magnetic induction lines
  • [Intelligence Toy] When playing this special toy, due to the coordination of the hands and brains, children can enhance their intelligence and creativity at the same time. As intelligence toys, children will have fun with friends or family and enhance creativity. In addition, it can improve the communication and affection between you and your children.
  • [Storage] After completing the exploration, please carefully pour the iron powder back in bottle or zip pouch. Keep it dry.
  • The magnetic iron powder is metallurgical industrial grade, clean dry and will not stain.

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