Laminated Charts of Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, Birds, Vegetable, Fruits, Colors, Body Parts, Opposite Words


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- It can be used by parent to schools. It is reusable for usage multiple times. It comes with a pen and magnets.
- Improves handwriting by guided tracing lower/upper case alphabets, numbers
- These mat can be used as 'dining table mats' for kids. Engage kids & enjoy learning during meals.
- Use magnets provided with the kit to stick the mats on refrigerators or other iron surfaces.
- Kit can be used in play groups, schools, at tuition, or at home. You can carry it with you while traveling.
- This set of mats covers all aspects of early-age education.
- Alphabets, Words, Single Digit Number, Counting, Shapes, Colors, Time of Day, Opposite Words, Pets, Wild Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Body Parts, Birds

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