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Newton's cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton, is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres.
If one ball is pulled away and is let to fall, it strikes the first ball in the series and comes to a dead stop.
The ball on the opposite side of the series acquires the momentum of the first ball almost instantly and swings in an arc that one would expect of the first ball.
The intermediate balls appear stationary. In fact, the cradle continues to work even if the intermediate balls are physically clamped still. This is also counter-intuitive - transmitting motion, without moving.
The first impact produces a shock wave that propagates through the intermediate balls. A hard material such as steel is very good at doing this.
Newton's cradle is a clear visual example of the conservation of both momentum (mass x velocity) and kinetic energy (0.5 x mass x velocity^2) in a mechanical system

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