StepsToDo Wind Turbine Science Kit. Windmill Making Kit for Students. Electricity from Flowing Air


Learnings By Doing :
  • This hands-on science set is excellent for developing a science fair experiment or school project, or for exploring just for fun!
  • Student will get to build model wind turbine or windmill, investigate how it works, and see it create power.

  • Bringing Conceptual Clarity:
    • It includes four blade and three blade fan to teach kids how important it is to design the fan of turbine.
    • Sturdy frame
    • Simple Generator – generate electricity & light an LED

    Kit Teaches
    • about renewable energy
    • Conversion of Energy
    • Working of Dynamo
    • Simple Circuit
    • Aerodynamics in blades of windmill
    • Hand Operator Generator
    • Transfer of rotational energy from big pulley to small pulley
    • Printed usage instructions.
    • Link to product support and usage video having steps to make product assembly.
    • Product usage support contact numbers

    Key Features :
    • Value for money.
    • Manufactured in India
    • Product usage support directly from manufacturer.
    • Wonderful school science project

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