DIY Rangoli Mat B. Reusable Wooden Mat. Traditional Rangoli Design. Modern Days Ease of Use

Rs.215.00 Rs.500.00

  • Ready to use Rangoli mats. Made of light weight ply. Reusable, Durable, Eco friendly.
  • Flaunt your creativity. Fill it with ingredients like Colors, Pulses, Flowers, Acrylic colours or Spices
  • Keep rangoli mat on comfortable place like a table. Fill it up. Then lift and place the mat at the desired space
  • Place the mat at the desired space of your home/office such floor, garden, table top, stairs etc. Use it as decoration for all events, functions, parties.
  • Mat can be washed easily OR you can dry dust Using Spade spoon and brush to remove previous fillings and make it ready for next use and Storage.

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