Electronic Dice Project| Ready to Use Electronic Dice Project Model | Working Model of Electronic Dice Project| Electronic Dice Project on PCB (T228)

Rs.557.00 Rs.700.00

  • It is convenient to install, efficient; beautiful and new design Electronic Dice Project Kit.
  • Connect the battery and it's ready to go. 100% working product.
  • This is a simple and inexpensive design of Electronic Dice Project.
  • Press the push switch to 'throw' the dice: this makes the circuit rapidly cycle through the dice numbers so that an effectively random dice number is displayed by the LEDs when the push switch is released.
  • Suitable for kids and teacher of class 7 to class 12+.
  • Educational activity gift for hobby & school science project.
  • Promotes Hands-On experimental learning. Generates interest in academics and in learning science.
  • This product comes with detail study material : Very detailed user manual which explains the theory, including a schematic diagram, assemble instruction of the project.
  • Best suited for those who wish to submit a physics science projects in school/college.

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