About Us

About Company: We are manufacture Science, Math and General Creativity based Toys and Do It Yourself Project Making Kits. 
Nature of Business: Manufacturing, D2C sell
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What do we manufacture and sell?

My company sell educational Do It Yourself Activity Kits. These kits drive the concept of learning by Doing in domain of Science, Math and Creativity Education. It includes teachings aids, toys, projects, puzzles. Our motto is to promote Joyful and Meaningful Education. We love to reach out to kids who have purchased our products to ensure that they could successfully perform the activity and extract the knowledge out of it.


About Founder : Mrs.Ashwini Amol Malani

Education: Master of Science (M.Sc), Batcher of Education (B.Ed)

Teaching Experience:  She taught in premium convent school in Pune. She also taught in Kendriya Vidyalaya college in Pune.

 Why did I choose this line of business?

I completed her M.Sc. B.Ed. from Pune university. I am passionate about teaching. Teaching kids in a way that they enjoy is very natural to her. I started her career by teaching in a reputed school and a college in Pune. But during her experience, I found that by the time student reach higher secondary classes, the lack foundational conceptual base. I strongly believed that hands-on activity and practical exploration is the way to ignite the interest in science and math education. But I felt that school curriculum is aligned more towards theory and written exams.

So I started taking experiential learning workshops of students during weekends and holiday vacation period. In those workshops, students used to get all required material to create some working project or to do some activity. It was all about learning by doing.

Soon I realized that there is limit to number of students that she can reach by conducting workshops in local areas. That was the point when she came across the idea of using online platform like Amazon as to make it available to kids across India. And the journey began by making kits having required material, printed instructions of usage and associated concepts.


 We Promote:

  • Joyful and Meaningful Education
  • Fun filled way to cultivate interest in academics
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Overall Skill Development
  • Interesting and Effective Learning

We Provide:

  • Hands-On Activities and Projects
  • Board Games, Puzzles, Toys
  • Play-based Activities, Educational Games

We Intend to:

  • Develop Solid Foundation of Concepts
  • Channelize energy of students in a focused direction
  • Create a remarkable difference in students growth & development
  • Let students think & discover on their own

We believe in:

  • “If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”
  • “The first goal of education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn”
  • “Children must be taught HOW TO THINK, not what to think”
  • “When I hear, I forget! When I see, I remember! When I do, I understand!”
  •  “Every students can Learn, just not on the same Day, or in the same Way”
  • “Adding Fun to Learning creates the Best Educational Experience possible”