StepsToDo _ DIY Periscope Making Kit | Make Your Own Extendable Spy Toy | Reflection Toy | Scientific Toy Building Set (T292)

Rs.350.00 Rs.450.00

  • Assemble this 3D wooden model to build a working periscope and look over, around or seemingly through objects!
  • Includes periscope cut-outs, bands, mirror, detailed instructions and all other parts to make a fully functioning periscope.
  • Easy to assemble, No Mess, No Tools Needed for assembly for a clean, MESS-FREE HOME | Elastic Bands joinery, Easy to Disassemble and Reassemble.
  • Periscope Science Kit is an amazing science kit, which can extend from25 centimetre, up to approximately 39 centimeter!
  • This Periscope uses craft acrylic mirrors, which are safe in case of drop.

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