StepsToDo _ Fun with IC555 | Electronics for fun | DIY Electronics Science Activity Kit | Educational Gift | School Project (A00010)

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About This Product :
  • The kit contains material and instructions to perform 40 electronic circuit projects. Many of these are IC555 based interesting circuits.
  • Easy to connect and understand. No soldering required.
  • It will help kids to learn basics about timer IC, IC555, Speaker, LED, Transistor, Diode etc.
  • There are circuits, like, alternate blinkers, different sounds, timers, burglar alarm, siren, metronome, frequency generator, electronic organ, etc.
  • Layout of the IC and its block diagrams are given for hobbyists to understand working of this timer IC.
  • The book explains working of IC555 in a stable and mono stable modes.
  • This kit needs one 9v Cylinder shaped battery. It is provided with kit. Buyer need to purchase it. Everyday or other local battery is ok.
  • Age: 10 years & up
  • It is an ideal gift item for kids and students, kids
  • This product will be shipped along with required material and manual. Manual has details of how to perform various activities using this kit, theoretical concepts covered by them.
    Why should you buy this product: 
    • 'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’- Benjamin Franklin
    • Provide Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience
    • Instill wonder and fascination towards science among young students
    • Ignite interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude
    • Motivate Out of the box thinking, Imagination, inquisitive mind
    • Channelize energy of children in a focused direction

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