StepsToDo _ DIY Different Forms of Generator Making Kit | With Wind Mill Educational Set | Alternative Energy | Electronic Hobby Kit (A151)

Rs.365.00 Rs.400.00

  • Wind Mill (Blow & Glow) : Generator demonstrates working of wind mill, Shake & Glow Type of Generator. When you blow air on fan, it rotates then fan and connected dynamo. Dynamo converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy glows LEDs.
  • Shake & Glow clearly shows that movement of magnetic field around copper coil generates electricity.
  • Understand Concepts and Why, Part of Do It Yourself Activity as we generate electricity and glow LEDs without battery.
  • This fantastic school science project kit comes with printed instructions.
  • It definitely meets objective of playful learning and Generating interest in academics.
  • Fan
  • Connecting wire
  • LEDs
  • Copper Wire
  • Foam Strip
  • Small tube
  • Instruction Manual

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