StepsToDo _ Blowing Windmill Making Kit | Electrictiy Generation Project | DIY School Science Project (A157)

Rs.258.00 Rs.300.00

  • Make a simple platform based windmill fitted with 4 bladed fan.
  • Blow air on it and all LEDs connected to small dynamo glow.
  • Ignite curiosity in young minds to explore & learn more
  • Simple electricity generation science project.
  • Kit included detail instruction manual for explaining working and theory of the project.
  • Battery is not required for this project. Kit demonstrate Fleming's Right Hand Rule, and working of wind turbine.
  • It is simple project to demonstrate electricity generation.
This kit contains :
  • Foam board
  • Toy Dc kotor
  • four blade fan
  • LEDs
  • Connecting wire

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