StepsToDo _ Simple DC Motor Kit | Concept of Electromagnetism | Demonstrate Right Hand Rule | Educational Electronic Hobby Kit (A158)

Rs.258.00 Rs.350.00

  • Make a basic electric motor, great for simple experimental purposes or for a science project.
  • It demonstrate Right Hand Rule. It comes with printed instructions.
  • Kit helps to understand simple concepts like magnets, magnetism, magnetic field, magnetic lines of forces, electromagnets and working of motor.
  • Kit contain simple activities to understand concept of electromagnetism.
  • Explore magnetic lines of forces, make your own electromagnet.
  • Understand basic working of motor, and role of armature in motor.
  • You will be needing 2 pencil cells for doing this project which are not provided in the kit.
This kit contains :
  • Plastic base
  • double cell holder
  • one big ring magnet with sticky tape
  • nuts and bolts
  • enamel copper wire
  • two copper
  • brackets
  • sand paper
  • iron fillings
  • plastic container

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