StepsToDo _ Understanding Algebraic Expression Kit Using Tiles | Math Made Easy | Mathematics Concept Kit (A71)

Rs.315.00 Rs.400.00

  • Hands on activity based learning of basic and advanced algebraic Expressions based operation.
  • Kit has instructions and material to perform Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, and Division of algebraic expression.
  • It also covers finding factors of algebraic expressions, solving algebraic equations, create a perfect square trinomial etc.
  • Build math skills, Explore concepts using concrete objects, hands-on activity.
  • Generate interest in Mathematics Subject. Fun Filled Puzzle Kind of Learning Activity.
  • It Great hands-on learning tool to help students understand abstract algebraic concepts. Algebra Tiles make mathematics more visual.
  • Comprehensive yet lucid and simple to understand activity manual.
  • Such activities will help students to gain conceptual clarity and will ignite their interest in mathematics.
  • It helps in igniting interest in the subject and inculcates a scientific attitude.

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