Addition & Subtraction for Class 1. Collection of Board Games & Activities. Premium Educational Kit. Maps to School & Olympiads Syllabus

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  • Collection of educational board games and activities. Contains all required material.
  • Build solid foundation of concepts. Generate interest in study
  • Mapped to syllabus of class 1 Mathematics - Addition and Subtraction topic
  • Best way to prepare for school academics and Olympiads
  • Contains printed activity manual. Promotes joyful and meaningful education

Play is the most natural form of learning for kids. 

Who can use Kit:

  • Ideal for kids in class 1
  • Useful for kids in upper KG and class 2 too
  • Use at Home: Playful educational family time with kids
  • Use at Tuitions: Distinguished teaching aid and methodology
  • Use in Schools: Increases attention span, interest by kids
  • Most of material in this kit is long lasting and reusable multiple times.

Key Learnings from Kit :

  • Counting from 0 to 100 and number sense development
  • Visualization of number system
  • Forward and backward movement on number line / chart
  • Fluency in addition and subtraction
  • Logical and strategic thinking
  • Foundation for mental calculation

Content of Kit:

  • Laminated board: Snake and Ladder (Educational variant)
  • Laminated board: Race to score fastest century
  • Laminated board: Howzzat cricket)
  • Laminated board: Addition grid
  • Laminated board: Subtraction grid
  • Laminated board: Maze your way through subtraction grid
  • Laminated board: Path of Addition / Subtraction
  • Laminated board: Move It - Addition
  • Number Line
  • Square shaped tiles
  • Plastic spinner set showing 0 to 9
  • Board game counters
  • Dry erase marker pens (2 units)
  • Comprehensive usage instruction manual
  • Reusable zip lock bag with handle for easy storage

Benefits of Game and Activity-Based Learning:

  • Makes learning interesting and effective
  • Removes fear/disliking of Math
  • Develops comfort and liking of Math
  • Develops solid conceptual foundation
  • Improves performance in school and competitive examinations

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