Measurement, Money, Time and Geometry for Class 1. Educational Activities & Games. Maps to School & Olympiad Syllabus

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  • Collection of educational games and visual activities. Contains all required material.
  • Build solid foundation of concepts. Generate interest in study
  • Mapped to syllabus of class 1 Mathematics - Measurement, Money, Time and Geometry topic
  • Best way to prepare for school academics and Olympiads
  • Contains printed activity manual. Promotes joyful and meaningful education

This kit helps you to have lively discussion with kids and co-relate different concepts to reality and usage in daily life. 

Who can use Kit:

  • Ideal for kids in class 1
  • Useful for kids in upper KG and class 2 too
  • Use at Home: Playful educational family time with kids
  • Use at Tuition : Distinguished teaching aid and methodology
  • Use in Schools: Increases attention span, interest by kids
  • Most of material in this kit is long lasting and reusable multiple times.

Key Learnings from Kit :

  • Concept of Length, Height, Weight
  • Visual clarity of measurement comparison words
  • Geometry foundation: Flat (2D) & solid (3D) shapes
  • Different Times of the day and sequence of events
  • My first diary: Tracking activities in a day
  • Understanding of Year -> Month -> Week -> Day
  • Understanding the significance of money and its different currency denominations
  • Currency identification and handling
  • Basics of money transaction

Content of Kit:

  • Activity Diary: Events in day cycle
  • Visual activity Mat: Words of measurement
  • Visual activity Mat: Days in a week
  • Visual activity Mat: Months and Seasons in a year
  • Board game: Show me money
  • Small size 2D paper shapes: Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square
  • 3D plastic shapes: Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid, Cone
  • Dummy currency set: 12 notes of Rs.1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 each. Total 84 notes
  • Number line scale (Paper)
  • Magnets for sticking mats on fridge or other iron surface
  • Dry erase marker pen (2 units)
  • Comprehensive usage instruction manual
  • Reusable zip lock bag with handle for easy storage

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