Be Wise! Time-wise! Help Your Kids Learn Essential Skills in Real-Life: Clock, Time Telling, Daily Dairy, Planner Monthly Calendar, Seasons. Kit Includes Includes Dummy Clock and much more.

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Interesting & versatile kit to teach time telling, clock, calendar, seasons, time management and planning.

Kit Content Specification

  • Three hard laminated mats printed on both the sides.
  • Total 6 sides having informative content on various topics related to time:
  • Mat dimensions: A3 Size - 31 cm x 45 cm.
  • Big Size dummy learning foam clock
  • Red & blue color marker sketch pens
  • Two magnets for sticking mats on fridge surface
  • Detailed Usage Guide for Parents / Teacher

Kit Is Useful For:

  • Kids of age between 5 and 9 years and associated Parents / Teachers
  • Kit can be used in play groups, schools, at tuition or at home.

Key Features of the Kit:

  • Thoughtful and comprehensive usage manual
  • Engaging, attractive, colorful and informative visual content designed by experts
  • Mats are reusable, durable, and washable.
  • Write on mats using marker pen and easily wipe it off using duster
  • Use magnets provided with the kit to stick the mats on refrigerators or other iron surfaces.
  • You can pin mats on a pin-up board.
  • You can punch holes in mats and hang them using string.
Benefits of Activity-Based Mathematics Learning:
  • It makes learning math interesting and effective
  • It cultivates desire in in students to explore maths on their own
  • It develops solid conceptual foundation.
  • It helps achieve better academic performance in school and in competitive examinations

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