Games with Number Sense Playing Cards. - Set of 120 Number & 8 Operation Cards

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Kit Content:

  • 55 playing cards with abacus representation of numbers
  • 55 playing cards with cubes representation
    • Numbers from 0 to 10 are present in both cube and abacus form
    • Numbers from 11 to 100 are present in either form
  • Cards for various miscellaneous operations like + , - , > , < , = etc

Educational Learnings & Benefits:

  • Card games & activities motivate students to play again and again. This helps students to practice key skills and master them. It encourages students to build their mental math skills
  • When students are given opportunities to practice math skills again and again, not only do their skills improve but their confidence and interest levels do, too.

Kit Features:

  • Manual has instructions to  do various activities & multiple games to play with these cards.
  • All these games and activities are easy to play and require little preparation.  Once you have shown students how to play, they will be ready to play on their own anytime.

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