"Fastest Century" & "Rocket/Satellite". Set of Two Educational Board Games with 10-Sided Spinner. Instructions Guide Provides Educational Variant of Traditional Game.

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Two delightful games which are simple and easy to play.
Educational Variant of Traditional Game.

Kit Content Specifications

  • Two board games on a mat
  • Mat dimensions: 41 cm * 35 cm  (A3 size)
  • Spinner with 0 - 9 number
  • A usage instruction guide written by experts
  • Packed in attractive gift bag with handle and reusable zip for reusable storage

Educational Learning from the Game:

  • Counting from 0 to 100 and Number Sense
  • Forward & Back work movement on number line chart
  • Introduction to Addition, Subtraction on Number Line
  • Logical and Strategic Thinking
  • Communication

    Educational variant of traditional game: (Refer manual for more details):

    1) Take an extra turn if you roll a nine
    2) Land exactly on the last square (100) to win.
    3) Add a little strategy to game: Two counters per player
    4) Add a little strategy to game: Forward or Backward Movement

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