StepsToDo _ Science Project Material (Set D) | DIY Solar Energy Conversion Kit | Electronic Components | Electronic Hobby Kit & Science Project | DIY Science Activity (T152)

Rs.350.00 Rs.550.00

  • This is a multiple conversion kit of solar energy.
  • DC generator toy motor provided in the kit can act as dynamo as well as motor.
  • Kit contains detail instruction manual with some basic ideas of projects.
  • Material provided can be used for making different projects for science fair projects.
  • This kit contains DIY project accessories which can be used for different projects of solar energy conversion.
  • Students can use the basic material for making different projects which shows conversion and use of solar energy.
Kit contains :-
  • DC toy motors
  • Four blade fans
  • 3V solar panel with connecting wires
  • crocodile pins
  • 10 Red LEDs
  • 1 Piezo Buzzer
  • Instruction Manual

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