Hydroelectric Power Generation DIY Kit


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Kit Contains following :
  • Printed usage instructions.
  • Link to product support and usage video having steps to make product assembly.
  • Product usage support contact numbers
  • All required material to make this project

Key Features :
  • Value for money. Proudly Manufactured in India
  • Product support directly from manufacturer. For any doubt in usage of kit
  • Wonderful school science project
  • Best hobby or vacation activity
  • Ignites interest in the subject and inculcate a scientific attitude
  • Ideal gift product for birthday and other occasions

Frequently Asked Questions :
  • Question: Does it have a container for holding falling water : Answer : No. You can use bucket available at home.

  • Question: It is suitable for which standard : Answer : Its suitable for kids of 10+ years. Or for standard 5 to 10

  • Question: How much water pressure is required to generate electricity: Answer : Normal water flow in bathroom tab is fine. In fact if water flow is not available, you can try rotation of turbine by hand. It works both ways

  • Question: How much electricity does it generate: Answer: It can be use to glow more than 4 LEDs. The amount of electricity changes with force of water and dynamo as well.

  • Question: Does it comes pre-assembled: Answer: No.

  • Question: Does it really work Answer: Yes. LEDs glow when turbine rotates. Its WOW for kids

Key Concepts to be Learned :
  • Turbine
  • Dynamo
  • LED
  • Polarity
  • Pulleys
  • Belt Drive System
  • Mechanical and Electric Assembling

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