Magnetic Crystal Clear Glittery Slime Making Kit for Kids | Tri-Color | Transparent | Non-Toxic Slime

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Make 4 types of slime at home. No heating is required.

Special Attraction Magnetic Slime Making. Slime gets pulled towards strong magnet (provided in the kit)

Kit Contains two 100ml bottles of super slime mix, one 60 ml bottle of slime activator, orange food color, green food color, glitter powder, magnetic powder, one super strong neodymium magnet, detail instruction manual, pair of hand gloves, wooden spatulas, mixing bowls, etc.

Great fun and learning of chemistry for children of age 6 years

Make crystal clear slime, orange slime, green slime, glittery slime, tri-color slime tower, magnetic slime and many more.... enjoy playing with it.

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