StepsToDo _ Water Filtration Demonstration Kit | DIY Water Purification Science Kit | DIY Science Activity Kit (T180)

Rs.398.00 Rs.450.00

About this product :
  • Brings conceptual clarity Making real water filtration tower using kit brings conceptual clearity about filtration techniques.
  • This water filtration kit helps students to perform different activities and know more about the process of water filtration.
  • Suitable for kids in Class 4 to Class 10.
  • These activities involve the use of Alum, filtration using cotton and filter paper.
  • Kit has crushed granite of different particle size to know how the process of filtration takes place at multiple stages.
  • Kit contains material to perform five different experiments to learn different filtration techniques.
Kit contains :
  • Four plastic filtration cups with small holes at the bottom
  • Circular filter paper
  • Plastic container
  • Activated carbon
  • Crushed granite with three different particle size
  • Alum
  • Cotton
  • Detail instruction manual
Why should buy this product :
  • Our focus is on providing real educational content (material + theory / instruction manual) than on extravagant outer packaging of the kit.
  • Joyful and meaningful educational gift.
  • Educational activity gift for hobby & school science projects.
  • Promotes Hands-On educational learning. Generates interest in academics and in learning science.

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