StepsToDo _ Magnet & Magnetism | Magnetic Levitation kit, Levitating pencil making kit, Floating magnets, Magnetic compass making kit, Plot magnetic lines of force (T191)

Rs.290.00 Rs.350.00

  • This science kit teaches kids about magnet, magnetic force and properties of magnets with the help of different hands-on experiments.
  • Kit contains material to perform different experiments with a detail instruction manual.
  • Kit contains three big ring magnets and eight small ring magnets, iron filling, needel, pins, pencile, foam base, plastic strip, acrylic strip, straws, fan, etc.
  • Joyful and meaningful educational gift : suitable for kids in class 5 to class 10. Educational activity gift for hobby and school science projects
  • Our focus is on providing real educational content (material + theory / instruction manual) than on extravagant outer packaging of the kit
  • Conceptual clarity: Kit helps to understand and bring conceptual clarity in students mind about magnets and magnetism.
  • The instruction manual contains evaluation sheet as well to make learning really fun.

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