StepsToDo _ Basics in Electricity and Electronics Foundational Learning Kit | Electronic Building Blocks Kit | Experimental Kit | Demonstration Teaching Aid (T254)

Rs.450.00 Rs.650.00

  • Basics in electricity and electronics learning kit contain components soldered on PCBs with easy to connect plug-and-play mechanism to learn about basics of electricity, electronics.
  • Kit will help students to explore fundamental laws of electricity and electronics with exciting, hands-on experiments.
  • Learn about open circuit, close circuit, how to connect led with switch in circuit, multiple connection, and household wires, series connection, parallel connection and many more.
  • Easy to connect - No extra tools & soldering required, 2 AA batteries required (not included). Detailed Instructions booklet included.
  • Conceptual clarity: Make real circuit with different component soldered on PCBs with easy to connect plugin method. This will provide real educational content by DIY method.
  • Teaching and Learning Aid for Parents/Schools. Demonstration Kit.
  • Contain of the kit Battery holder, Power Board, Motor Board, LED Board, Big LED Board, 2 LED Board, Buzzer Board, Push Switch Board, Press Switch Board, Slide Switch Board, Direction Switch Board, 10 Jumper wire, Extra LEDs, 2-B Propeller, 3-B Propeller, 4-B Propeller, Booklet

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