Vibrating Robot Science Kit. Make Doodling Robot and Bristlebot. Two in One Robotic Kit. Make Two Type of Robots.


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The Vibrating Robot Science Kit provides an exciting and creative hands-on introduction to the world of robotics and electronics!

Kids will build simple electrical circuits that bring your robots to life, using vibrational motion to propel robot.

With two different robots to build, you can explore a wide range of movements and simple robot behaviours, from shuffling about randomly to scribbling with a marker.

Vibrating robots are great projects for kids of all ages.

Build two different kinds of wiggling, wobbling robots for a fun introduction to robotics! This kit comes with complete material to create two vibrating robots.

These are simple to create, fun to play with, and make great learning tools for STEM classes.

Art Bots: wobbly robots that draw as they move. Brushbots: Supersized Bristlebots built from two toothbrushes.

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