StepsToDo _ Vibrating Robot Making Kit | Make Doodling Robot/Scribbling Robot | Make Art Making Vibrating Robot | Science Activity Kit (T259_D)


  • Joyful and meaningful educational gift : suitable for Science Exhibition and Class Demonstration. Educational activity gift for hobby and school science projects. Teaching and Learning Aid for Parents/Schools.
  • The kit contains complete material require to build up two type of vibrating bots, Doodling Robot and Bristlebot with detailed instructions.
  • Kids can create electronic circuit with their own hands. Learn basic principles of simple circuit, motors, mechanical and engineering, using the motors, wires and all parts included.
  • Make learning more fun Stimulate their curiosity and creativity.
  • Doodlingbot : This is Art-Making vibrating robot with marker pen legs that vibrates and spins due to the vibrating motor.
  • The robot has a simple circuit between the battery and the motor.
  • The vibrations of the motor cause the robot to move and shake in all sorts of directions which interesting designs on paper.
  • Doodling Robot uses vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art.
  • Adjust the angle and height of the robot's coloured pens and watch it work.
  • Recommended Age : 10+ Years
  • Material : Wood

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