StepsToDo _ Premium Big Size Domino Set | Classical 28 Pieces Double Six Dominoes | Solid Thick Wooden Domino | Traditional Family Game (T262)

Rs.373.00 Rs.499.00

  • Domino is traditional family game for all age group which is played worldwide.
  • Great game for 2-5 players, its Easy to play.
  • The addictive game requires both luck and skill and it can be enjoyed by players of almost any age, kids and adults alike.
  • Kit contains : classical 28 Pieces Double Six Dominoes and playing rules manual packed in zip bag for long term storage and ease of carrying.
  • Material : Tiles are made of durable hardwood with traditional dot-style numbering. No sharp edges.
  • Colour : Front side is blue and back side is orange.
  • It is educational game for kids to encourages fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, number sense and strategy thinking.
  • Best educational gift, festival gift, birthday gift or gift for all occasions.

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