StepsToDo _ Premium Fraction Ring & Circular Wheels (Set of 38 Pcs) | Teach Fraction Concepts and Operations | Joyful and Meaningful Teaching Aid | Educational Gift. (T263)

Rs.350.00 Rs.599.00

  • Explain various concepts easily. hands-on and visual learning. Make abstract concepts come live and in practice.
  • Build solid foundation of conceptual learning. Play fraction games, have fun with Math.
  • Useful for students of class 2 to class 6. Perfect Gift for children, parents and teachers.
  • Visually Activities to identify, compare, construct, add and subtract fractions. Learn equivalence and mixed numbers.
  • Rings bring in versatile learning including Clock/Time, Degrees, Compass, Percentages and Decimals too
  • Fraction set includes 38 pieces: 5 Rings(Decimal, Ratio, Degree, Percentage, Time) and 5 fraction circles (1 whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, and 1/12 values). Also includes Operations signs.
  • Solid durable Wooden material.
  • Kit Contains :-
  • Rings (set of 5) : Degree, Decimal, Percentage, ,Fraction/Ratio, Time
  • Fraction circle as 1 whole
  • Fraction circle made up of two halves. Includes 2 pieces of ½ each
  • Fraction circle made up of 2 one-thirds. and 2 one sixth
  • Fraction circle made up of four one-fourths. Includes 4 pieces of 1/4 each
  • Fraction circle made up of 12 one-twelfth. Includes 12 pieces of 1/12 each
  • Fraction Operation signs. Plus, Minus, Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

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