Premium Fraction Ring and Circular Wheels Set. Includes 38 Pieces. Learn Fraction Concepts and Operations. Class 2 to Class 6. Joyful and Meaningful Educational Gift.


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This product contains :
  • 5 Rings: Degree, Decimal, Percentage, ,Fraction/Ratio, Time
  • Fraction circle as 1 whole
  • Fraction circle made up of two halves. Includes 2 pieces of ½ each
  • Fraction circle made up of 2 one-thirds. and 2 one sixth
  • Fraction circle made up of four one-fourths. Includes 4 pieces of 1/4 each
  • Fraction circle made up of 12 one-twelfth. Includes 12 pieces of 1/12 each
  • Fraction Operation signs. Plus, Minus, Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
How does it help?:
  • When children experience difficulty in math it often begins when they are introduced to fractions. Before fractions, children have only known counting numbers and the one-to-one relationship between these numbers and the set of objects the number represents. The difficulty can arise when the students need to think about rational numbers in a different way.
  • Teach students to name fractions and decimals, comparing and ordering fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers, and model different operations involving fractions.
  • Students often struggle to visualize and understand the concept of fractions. Fraction tiles enable them to see the difference between various denominators. The proportionally sized tiles help students compare fractional values.
  • The bright colored tiles make learning fractions and decimals fun and engaging for your kids. The fraction manipulative allows your students to develop a deeper understanding of fractions through hands-on experiences.
  • The fraction manipulative allow kids to learn fractions hands-on

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