StepsToDo _ Wind Turbine Making Kit | DIY Windmill Generator Model | Electricity from Flowing Air | DIY Science Project | Science Teaching & Learning Aid (T267)

Rs.415.00 Rs.550.00

  • Make real working model of windmill to glow LEDs.
  • Students will understand electricity generation through wind power.
  • Rotation of fan mounted on a tower generates the electricity.
  • Kit contains complete material to build up a windmill generator.
  • Its a demonstration kit to show how to make connections in simple circuits, which is safe to use.
  • In the box : Wooden cutouts, DC toy Motor, LED, Connecting Wires, Pulley with handle, theory and instructions manual.
  • Final Size of Model : 7.5 inch X 4.5 inch X 10.5 inch
  • Material : Wood
  • Note : No battery or soldering required.
  • Beautiful kits which demonstrate breeze blowing across become the power that lights LED bulb.
  • It is perfect kit for science fair project and teaching aid to teach energy conversion.
  • Joyful and meaningful teaching and learning Aid for Parents/Schools.
  • Develops scientific creativity of kids.
  • Perfect educational gift.
  • perfect for School project.

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