StepsToDo _ Napier Bones Sticks Kit with Usage Manual | Simple & Magical Tool for Multiplication & Division | Useful for Mental or Quicker Math Calculations of Bigger Numbers (T276)

Rs.299.00 Rs.50,000.00

  • Kit Contains 11 Sticks and a usage manual. Stcik Size is 20cm by 2.5 cm
  • Wonderful gift to generate curiosity and interest about Mathematics.
  • Let’s start learning an age old tool for finding the answer to multiplication problem quickly.
  • Napier Sticks is an ingenious tool for performing incredibly long multiplication and division calculations.
  • Invented in 17th Century.John Napier was a Scottish mathematician who invented a set of rods to make multiplication easier. These rods were called “Napier’s Bones or Sticks”.
  • This tool is wonderfully elegant in understanding and explaining how basic math works. This can be a valuable tool for students and educators for mental or quicker calculations of bigger numbers.
  • With this simplified tool, students can multiply and divide large numbers quickly and accurately with little effort.

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