Super Slime Activator Clear Liquid Solution | All in One 400 ml Slime Activator ( Pack of 2 Bottles , 200 ml Each) Universal Formula Works with Almost Any PVA Glue | No Heating Safe for Kids (T282)

Rs.210.00 Rs.400.00

  • It works with PVA Glues ( White , Clear and Transparent type)
  • You need simple glue (like Fevicol MR, Fevigum, Elmers , Fabre Castle , Office Mate Soni, Premeire Glues) or any other local PVA glue
  • To make Clear Slime: Mix the Activator with Clear PVA Glue
  • You need to add actviator and glue in 1: 4 ration. That is for every 4 ml of glue you need to add 1 ml of slime activator
  • 1 Bottle (200 ml) is good enough for approx 800 ml of Fevicol. So you can make around 1 Lite slime using it
  • It can last more than 3 months. That is it has a Shelf life of more than 3 months.
  • It can make super stretchy slime
  • To Make Fluffy Slime: Mix shaving foam with glue before you start adding Slime Activator Liquid. In the end, to make slime less sticky you need to knead with your hands.
  • It doesn’t work with Camlin paste as it is not a PVA glue.
  • It is ready-made to be used with glue. It’s very simple and easy to make slime
  • If you use regular fevicol MR then color of the slime will be milky. If you want clearer slime then use clear fevicol available in market

We have tested this activator to make following types of slimes using additional accessories:
  • Magnetic slime
  • Milky slime
  • Unicorn Rainbow slime
  • Swirl slime
  • Crunchy slime
  • Foamy slime
  • Clear slime
  • Galaxy slime
  • Mermaid slime
  • Glitter slime
  • Sparkle slime
  • Jelly slime
  • Orange Glitter
  • Green Glitter
  • Transparent Glitter
  • Mermaid Slime
  • Mix Glitter Slime

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