StepsToDo _ Solar and Electrical Fan Making Kit (2 in 1) | Solar Energy Demonstration Model | DIY Science Project | Educational Gift | Teaching and Learning Aid (T295)

Rs.499.00 Rs.600.00

  • Use it as electrical fan by using battery. Use it as solar fan by using solar panel. Two in one Kit. Note: Kit don't contain battery. You need to use AA cell available at home or else purchase it from any local shop.
  • Product is design to encourage kids to explore solar energy and its multiple conversions by hands on experiments. Inspire students to explore power of the sun as an ultimate source of energy. Students will learn about alternative green and clean energy source. Product can be ideal gift for young scientists.
  • Kit has DC generator toy motor, Solar cell with connecting pins attached to it, double cell holder with switch, Big Propeller Fan. It has colorful usage manual to guide. It gives step by step assembly and detail information about the project.
  • Ignite the Inventor within Kids: Get hands on with science, tech, engineering, and be creativity with the innovative design of kit. This STEM Learning Kit creates an enjoyable learning experience and great satisfaction.
  • Joyful and Meaningful Education: Using this science kit will help students to understand simple circuit, making connections, constructing of solar model which will help to develop fine motor skills. Develop scientific attitude and creativity at a same time. Perfect educational gift. Ideal for school project, science fair project, teaching aid.
  • Kit Contains following :

    • Photovoltaic solar cell which will produce 3volt and 150mA of current with crocodile clips
    • DC electric motor with plastic propeller (Fan) and stand
    • Double Cell Holder With Crocodile pins and switch
    • Project base
    • Printed usage instructions. Has explanation of related science concepts
    • Link to product support YouTube channel named StepsToDo. It has video having steps to make product assembly. Also explains science behind it
    • Product usage support contact numbers

    Key Features :
    • Made in India
    • Product support directly from manufacturer. For any doubt in usage of kit
    • The kit will teach about possibility of self-sustaining energy, renewable energy, green and clean energy without any sort of fossil fuel , no oil, no batteries, nothing! It’s a completely self-sufficient kit.
    • Kids will learn real world application of solar energy by completing this science project using propeller, motor, buzzer, LEDs and Solar panel. Make learning more fun; learn basic principles of simple circuit, electricity, and energy conversion. Kit teaches science concepts by hands-on way that is both entertaining and educational.
    • The kit will be provided with things which will help to discover the science of clean, renewable solar energy. It is perfect for both classroom and home use. Its electronics, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences all in one kit!
    • Best hobby or vacation activity
    • Wonderful school science project. School academics linked activity
    • Joyful and Meaningful Learning Educational Gift
    • Kit is designed with focus on providing real educational content (material + theory / instruction manual)

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