StepsToDo _ DIY Mechanical DC Generator Making Kit | Science Project Kit | Demonstration Kit for Energy Conversion | Convert Mechanical Energy to Electricity (T302)

Rs.375.00 Rs.500.00

  • Conservation of Energy, Convert Mechanical Energy to Electricity.
  • Conceptual clarity: make a real working model of generator. Generate electricity from rotating pulley to glow set of LEDs. Can be successfully demonstrated in classroom or science exhibition or fair.
  • Complete set: Contains all required material and an easy to understand theory and instructions manual. You can make a working model using this do it yourself ( DIY ) kit.
  • Joyful and meaningful educational gift: Educational activity gift for hobby and school science projects.
  • Our focus is on providing real educational content (material + theory / instruction manual) than on extravagant outer packaging of the kit.
  • Soldering and Battery is not required. Safe for Use. Made with natural Wood.
  • An excellent activity for classrooms and at home. Each kit engages learners to discover new ideas about the physical world through assembly and play.
  • Correlates well with science concepts such as Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions, working of levers, Newton’s laws of motion.
  • Introduces and demonstrates real world STEM concepts. Allows learners of all ages to explore and visualize physics concepts of Electrical Generator.
  • As you spin the mechanical DC Generator it powers a Mini Generator and lights an LED.
  • In the generator a big pulley drives a small pulley and spins it at a very fast speed.
  • Small pulley is placed on the shaft of Mini Generator which is a small dynamo motor, Mini generator has a copper coil with number of turns of Insulated Copper wire the ends of which are attached to a LED.
  • Motor shaft is attached with magnet which spins in the middle of the coil. Now as you spin the wheel with handle the strong magnets spin inside the coil.
  • This spinning magnetic field creates a small current in the coil.
  • These current lights the LED. This Mini Generator shows the scientific principle behind the biggest Generators in the world.
  • They all work on the same principle. The spinning magnets produce a current in the coil lightening the LED.
  • The best way to learn science is to make your own simple model.

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