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As you spin the CHARKHA or the Spinning Wheel it powers a Mini Generator and lights an LED. In the Charkha a big pulley drives a small pulley and spins it at a very fast speed. Small pulley is placed on the shaft of Mini Generator which is a small dynamo motor, Mini generator has a copper coil with number of turns of Insulated Copper wire the ends of which are attached to a LED. Motor shaft is attached with magnet which spins in the middle of the coil. Now as you spin the Charkha handle the strong Neodymium magnets spin inside the coil. This spinning magnetic field creates a small current in the coil. These current lights the LED. This Mini Generator shows the scientific principle behind the biggest Generators in the world. They all work on the same principle. The spinning magnets produce a current in the coil lightening the LED. The best way to learn science is to make your own simple model.

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