StepsToDo _ Periscope making Kit | Spy Toy Making Kit | DIY Physics Experiment | DIY Science Activity Kit (A00017)

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About This Product :
  • Periscope is an instrument for observation from a concealed position.
  • It is a mirror based toy, in simplest form it consists of a tube with mirrors at each end set parallel to each other at 45-degree angle.
  • Explains working of periscopes on submarine. Tanks, sub marines use periscope extensively.
  • They enable drivers or tank commanders to inspect their situation without leaving the safety of tank or marine.
  • A unique and fascinating spying toy which also teaches scientific principle
  • Kit to make real periscope and scan the horizon without being seen
  • It is an ideal gift item for kids and students, kids
  • This product will be shipped along with required material and instructions.
  • Refer product and instructions/manual images for more details.
  • It channelizes energy of students in a focused direction.
  • Real source of knowledge is "Experience"
  • Age: 8 years & up
  • Why should you buy this product: 
  • 'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’- Benjamin Franklin
  • Provide Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience
  • Instill wonder and fascination towards science among young students
  • Ignite interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude
  • Motivate Out of the box thinking, Imagination, inquisitive mind
  • Channelize energy of children in a focused direction

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