Wooden Base Ten Blocks Kit with Place Value Mats and Instruction Manual (132 Pieces) (T357)

Rs.200.00 Rs.2,500.00

  • TOY FOR JOYFUL AND MEANINGFUL LEARNING : It’s helpful to learn base-ten concepts, place value, number sense, logical thinking, operations, measurements, addition, subtraction, regrouping, carry-over, fraction, and decimals.
  • These math cubes allow students to create visual representations of arithmetic and algebra exercises using the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands cubes.
  • Helps children better visualize the 3-D representation of math concepts.
  • Promotes Hands-On experimental learning. Generates interest in academics and in learning mathematics.
  • KIT CONTENT : 1 Place Value Mat, 1 Cube (Representing 1000), 10 Flat (Representing 100), 20 Rod (Representing 10), 100 Cubes (Representing 1), Instruction Manual.