DIY Wooden Playground Toy Furniture Making & Painting Kit for Dolls | Premium Pine Wood 3D Puzzle | Slide, Swing, Seesaw, Sand Tray & Merry go round | No Hammer, Glue Required (T399)

Rs.1,399.00 Rs.1,700.00

  • Craft your own custom playground with this DIY Wooden Playground Making & Painting Kit! Create and color your own unique play equipment.
  • Excellent DIY STEM Toy for 6-12 year girls and boys. Encourages Engineering and Artistic Mindset.
  • Kids take pride in Building and Painting their own Toy house. Easy of Assembly and Disassembly.
  • Assemble the Wooden Playground Furniture You can play in house or outside the house. We provide Video of Assembly Instruction. Kids can watch and make.
  • Kids Friendly Loose Interlocking with Additional Rubber Band give firmness in fitting. Glue Required. (No hammer or screw required)
  • It is crafted on 4 mm wood, with well finished engraving of the design. It comes in natural beige color.
  • Kit Contain Toy Furniture : 1 Slide, 1 Seesaw, 1 Swing, 1 Merry go round & 1 Sand Tray; Painting Colour Kit and Rubber Bands.

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