Pack 100 Unifix Cubes in 10 Colours (Multicolour) | 2CM Size | 100 Interlocking Counting Cubes | Linking Cubes | Snap Cubes Set of 100 with Activity Booklet (T199)

Rs.399.00 Rs.750.00

Kit Content Specifications
  • Includes 100 cubes of 2 cm
  • 10 cubes of each color | Total 10 colors

Benefits and Learning from the Kit:

  • Great for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence
  • Help young students master early math skills with these stack-able cubes. 
  • Supports early math skills
  • Builds hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes problem solving & more
  • CREATIVITY : With about 100 bold & brightly colored pieces to choose from, the options are endless. Build flowers, animals, cars, worlds and more by clicking pieces in place.
  • EDUCATIONAL : Link together pieces while improving independent play, hand eye coordination, spatial skills & dexterity. Great for sensory development, occupational therapy and autistic individuals.

Key Features of the Kit

  • Easy for little hands to connect and twist apart.
  • This set of 100 plastic cubes link together on all sides
  • Hold together firmly and come apart easily
  • Cubes link together on all sides of each cube. It helps to form various geometric shape & patterning activities
  • DURABLE : Pieces easily snap together and are designed to withstand rough play. Your child can explore their wild imagination with this high quality innovative building set. 

Kit is useful for:

  • Ideal for ages 5+
  • Good teaching for parents and schools


Links learning with fun!
These cubes are math manipulative toys that are specially designed to help children learn and practice math skills.

These sturdy, colorful cubes can be securely connected and stacked together, like building blocks, so kids enjoy hours of play while they work on counting, adding and subtracting, and other mathematical concepts!

Stacks up math. Builds up confidence:
Used by various educators for children ages 5 and up, These cubes are ideal for teaching to academic state standards.

Use these Cubes to teach lessons in basic math skills or more advanced concepts, like fractions, graphing, and even algorithms. The Cubes are also great for helping children with special needs visualize abstract numerical concepts.

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