StepsToDo _ Essentials for Early Learning (Set A): Beginners Collection of Visual Laminated Re-writable Mats | Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, etc. (T21)

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  • Innovative format with learning like book and fun like a game.
  • Visual Laminated Rewritable Mats : Engaging, attractive, colorful visual content by experts.  Covers all aspects of early education: Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, Birds, Vegetable, Fruits, Colors, Body Parts, Opposite Words and Handwriting
  • Mats are reusable, durable, washable.
  • Write on mats using pen and easily wipe it off using cloth.
  • Because of its convenient size charts are easy to handle, store and carry. So, it's preferred over card board books.
  • Many Usage : You can use magnets provided with the kit to stick the mats on refrigerators OR else you can pin them on a board OR else punch holes and hang them using string.
  • It can be used by parent to schools. Improves handwriting by guided tracing lower/upper case alphabets, numbers. These mat can be used as 'dining table mats' for kids.
Benefits and Learnings from the Kit :
Many well-meaning parents buy workbooks and have their kids sit quietly in a chair and trace letters and numbers over and over again. That's totally boring and uninspiring. Learning should be an engaging and fun-filled activity.
  • Innovative format with learning like a book and kids engagement like a game.
  • Colorful and attractive educational content designed by experts to engage kids in joyful and meaningful education.
  • Visual content and associated activities generate interest in kids and actively engage them.
  • Improves hand writing by guided tracing lower/upper case alphabets, numbers.
  • These mats can become “dining table mats” for kids. Enjoy learning while enjoying meals.
  • This set of mats covers all aspects of early-age education. It covers following topics.
Kit Content Specifications :
  • Kit contains 6 hard laminated mats printed on both sides (Total 12 sides),
  • Two marker sketch pen
  • Two magnets for sticking mats on fridge or other iron surface
  • A usage instruction guide written by experts
  • Mat dimensions: 18 inch X 12 inch (A3 size)
  • Packed in attractive gift bag with handle and reusable zip for reusable storage
Kit Is Useful For :
  • Kids of age between 2 to 5 years.
  • Kit can be used in play groups, schools, at tuition, or at home. You can carry it with you while travelling.

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