Colourful Counting Beads for Kids (Set of 100) | Montessori Toy for Developing Number Sense in Colour Pattern of 10 | Toys & Games (D400)

Rs.300.00 Rs.400.00

  • Hands-on experience of counting on the mala (For each child) and developing quantity sense up to 100.
  • Consolidating sequence of numbers up to 100. Before and after and location of numbers.
  • Discovering pattern of ten and hundred for structured counting up to 200, for understanding grouping into hundreds, tens and ones.
  • Understanding meaning of symbols for numbers, for ex. 25 is 20 and 5.
  • Arranging numbers in ascending and descending order. Identifying the position of a number on a line.
  • Product help for supporting addition and subtraction mentally.
  • It offers practical look at what they are learning. It also help develop hand eye coordination.

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