Montessori Wooden Stencil Boards Set of 4. Tracing Kit for Alphabet Letters, Shapes, Numbers, Patterns, Lines, Zig-Zags, Waves, Spirals and Shapes, Large and Small Letters.


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This product contains set of 4 tracing stencil boards of length 28.5 cm width 20.5cm thickness 4mm and wooden stick man for early tracing.

HANDS-ON LEARNING: The Montessori approach recognizes that a child’s potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. This set of letter and pattern tracing board capitalizes on this concept by helping a child to develop visual memory while also training the muscles of the hand, until proper shape formation is mastered.

This product is designed for the best home learning experience. Best way to start writing. These boards are sensorial materials to strengthen fine motor grip and control. Use fingers and basic tools to trace alphabets.

EMPOWER CHILDREN TO LEARN: An educational pattern and alphabet boards to help young children practice how to form patterns, letters and numbers by themselves. These alphabet tracing boards encourage children to practice letter recognition and correlation to words. Great for early cognitive development

MONTESSORI-INSPIRED: These wooden alphabet boards offer a multi-sensory experience designed especially for pre-school children. Kids can use their hands, fingers, or the wooden stickman, pencil, sketch pen, playing clay, grains salt, etc. to practice forming patterns, shapes of letters and numbers.

ALL NATURAL: Crafted from natural and sustainably sourced wood to provide a non-toxic and stable surface for children to practice their writing skills. Made especially with children in mind, these four boards are highly durable and without sharp corners with a child-safe finish

DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS AND MUSCLE MEMORY:  Help your child develop dexterity and strengthen their arm, wrist, and hand muscles in order to progress from scribbling with crayons to writing their name. This fine motor skill activity requires the coordination of small muscles, and synchronization of the hands, fingers, and eyes

This product is crafted on 4mm natural wooden board which is kids safe, eco friendly and size of the board is 28cm X 20cm

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