#T1 - Essentials for Early Learning (Set A): Beginners Collection of Laminated Re-writable Mats

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Innovative format with learning like book and fun like a game.

Kit Content Specifications

  • Kit contains 6 hard laminated mats printed on both sides (Total 12 sides),
  • Two marker sketch pen
  • Two magnets for sticking mats on fridge or other iron surface
  • A usage instruction guide written by experts
  • Mat dimensions: 41 cm * 35 cm  (A3 size)
  • Packed in attractive gift bag with handle and reusable zip for reusable storage

Benefits and Learnings from the Kit

Many well-meaning parents buy workbooks and have their kids sit quietly in a chair and trace letters and numbers over and over again. That's totally boring and uninspiring. Learning should be an engaging and fun-filled activity.

  • Innovative format with learning like a book and kids engagement like a game.
  • Colorful and attractive educational content designed by experts to engage kids in joyful and meaningful education.
  • Visual content and associated activities generate interest in kids and actively engage them.
  • Improves hand writing by guided tracing lower/upper case alphabets, numbers.
  • These mats can become “dining table mats” for kids. Enjoy learning while enjoying meals.
  • This set of mats covers all aspects of early-age education. It covers following topics.


Single Digit Number



Time of Day

Opposite Words


Wild Animals



Body Parts


First Words Handwriting


Key Features of the Kit

  • Mats are durable, washable, and write-on/wipe-off. Kids can write on mats using marker sketch pen and easily wipe it off using wet cloth. You can damp the cloth for better results.
  • Kids can use magnets provided with the kit to stick the mats on refrigerators or other iron surfaces.
  • Compact & Convenient size. Easy to handle, store & carry. So it is preferred over card board books. Pages of card board book flips automatically and are not that easy to handle by kids.
  • Kids can play with mats, write and draw on them using the marker sketch pen, and wipe the mats clean and start over again.
  • These mats can be pinned on a pin-up board or kept vertically on a table with a support.
  • Alphabet mats have multiple objects for each alphabet. Objects have been put together sensibly to form a small story.

Kit Is Useful For

  • Kids of age between 2 to 5 years.  
  • Kit can be used in play groups, schools, at tuition, or at home. You can carry it with you while travelling.


Download and install “StepsToDo” application from Google Play Store. The app contains a nice collection of videos that help in quickly learning the concepts explained in these mats

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