StepsToDo _ Plastic Cuisenaire Rods | Individual Kit | Fraction Rods


  • The activities involve students in the process of exploring and investigating abstract math concepts through the use of manipulatives. Students are encouraged to think critically, plan strategies, and share conclusions.
  • The rods help children understand math concepts as they process from concrete representation to abstract thinking
  • Includes 74 plastic Cuisenaire rods of 10 color-coded rods (orange, blue, brown, black, dark green, yellow, purple, green, red, and white), ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm.
  • The durable plastic rods are easy to clean and store. Product comes with detail instruction manual.
  • Cuisenaire Rods are great for exploring whole numbers, arithmetic operations, ratio, symmetry, congruence and patterns.
  • Provided tactile and visual models.
  • Encourages thinking and reasoning. Helps students to reflect on mathematical concepts.
What Mathematical Concepts can be developed :
  • Number Sense
  • Part-part whole
  • Skip counting
  • Patterns
  • Multiplication - Division
  • Measurement
  • Multiples
  • Factors
  • Fractions
  • Ratio
  • Proportions
  • Benefits of using Math Manipulatives
Key Features :
  • Proudly Made in India
  • Product support directly from manufacturer. For any doubt in usage of kit
  • Product comes with attractive user manual written by expert teachers.
  • Ideal for classroom teaching as a teaching aid.

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