Glitter & Sequins Hobby Craft Kit. Set of 8 Glitter Powder, 4 Sequins. Extra fine Glitter and Flower Shape Sequins for Slime, Art, Crafts, Nail Art Polish, Scrap-Booking, Paints.


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Glitter and Sequins Hobby and Craft Kit:
  • This kit includes 8 assorted colour glitter powder of 10 g and four different shaped Unique Sequins of 10g each..
  • This set of Glitter and Sequins can be used for kid’s artwork, making collages, paper crafts, slime, candles, holiday decorations, gift-wrap, ornaments, ceramics, party Invites, DIY Decor, greeting cards, body art, customized clothes and so much more!

  • This set of Glitter and Sequins works great with gel nail polish! Kit is solvent resistant and can be placed directly into nail lacquers, gel, acrylics, and any other solvents without the glitter particles bleeding color or melting
  • Best hobby or vacation activity
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