StepsToDo _ Glitter & Sequins Hobby Craft Kit (Set of 12) | 8 Extra Fine Glitter Powder + 4 Flower Shape Sequins for Slime, Art & Crafts, Nail Art, Scrap-Booking, Paints (T275)

Rs.199.00 Rs.500.00

  • Set of 12 includes 8 colour Glitters and 4 types of Sequins.
  • Set of 8 Unique Fine Glitter Powders (10g each) : We’ve specially selected each color to create the ultimate glitter craft set. Colours included Cobalt Blue, Forest Green, Bright Silver, Dark Red, Plum Purple, Firozi blue, Onyx Black and Metallic Gold.
  • Set of 4 Unique Sequins (10g each) : Kit has four Flower, Star and Round Shape Sequins with vibrant colours.
  • This set of Glitter and Sequins is easily applicable and create exceptional vibrant visual effect on any art and craft project.
  • This set of Glitter and Sequins can be used for kid’s artwork, making collages, paper crafts, slime, candles, holiday decorations, gift-wrap, ornaments, ceramics, party Invites, DIY Décor, greeting cards, body art, customized clothes and so much more!
  • This set of Glitter and Sequins works great with gel nail polish!
  • Kit is solvent resistant and can be placed directly into nail lacquers, gel, acrylics, and any other solvents without the glitter particles bleeding color or melting.
  • Best hobby or vacation activity kit.

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